Data Analytics with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud computing with AWS
the most widely used cloud platform

AWS is the cloud provider with the most services and the most significant number of functions within these services worldwide. These offer infrastructural technologies such as computing units, storage, and databases, but also modern technologies such as machine learning, data lakes, and data analysis.

Overview of the most important Data Analytics Services from AWS

Cloud Storage

Amazon Redshift

With Redshift, AWS provides a fast, partially automated data warehouse that optimally adapts to your company’s needs in terms of storage requirements and computing power.
Even with huge amounts of data, a cost- and performance-efficient analysis is possible.
Regardless of the size of your data set, we create a finely tuned combination of computing and storage capacity for the best price-performance model.
As an AWS specialist at your side, we make the right choice for you. Linking to a data lake enables further cost optimization by adjusting storage and computing processes.

Amazon S3

The Amazon Simple Storage Service – in short: S3 – is the perfect complement to Redshift.
With this object storage service with maximum scalability and data availability, any amount of data, such as basic raw data for analysis, can be securely stored or extracted as part of an ETL process.
Use the Data Lake, for example, to archive, backup, and restore your data.
In Amazon S3, you can organize and structure data to reduce costs and configure access controls.

ETL- & ELT-Services

Amazon Athena

With Athena, standard SQL queries can be configured and run against your files stored in the Amazon S3 data lake without creating complex ETL jobs.
Parallel queries enable results in seconds.
Since no separate infrastructure is required, costs only arise for the data volume analyzed per query.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is AWS’ ETL cloud service.
This service can be used to extract the required data from various sources, such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, or common database types.
This allows any data pre-processing methods, such as filtering, cleaning, validation, and loading the pre-processed data into target databases or Amazon S3.

ETL- & ELT-Services

Visualization - BI-Tool

Amazon QuickSight

With Amazon QuickSight, AWS provides its own BI-Tool that you can use to determine and visualize your desired KPIs at a low cost.
Use the information gained from your data profitably for any analysis.
The direct connection to Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 enables fast and reliable transmission.
Your employees will always receive answers to business questions based on the latest information.
The dashboards are available at all times to any employee you wish.