Data Analytics with Microsoft Azure

Cloud-computing with Azure
Analyze your business processes in the Cloud

Azure offers a variety of analytical services with which your company data from company solutions, such as your ERP and CRM, can be evaluated and processed. In addition to infrastructural technologies such as various cloud storages and data warehousing, Azure has services that can be used, among other things, to set up machine learning-based forecasts and decision-making.

Overview of the most important Azure Services for Data Analytics

Intelligent Cloud Storage

Azure Synapse Analytics

Scale your data volumes up to big data.
Get the insights you need, even with large amounts of data, and apply machine learning models to your data.
Get your data analytics done in one place with no data barriers or data movement.
As your Azure specialist at your side, we set up and implement the analysis for you.

Azure Data Lake Store

Break down your data silos using Azure Data Lake Store as your main business data storage platform.
Let us protect your data with security features like data-at-rest encryption and advanced threat protection.
In addition to extremely high scalability, Azure Data Lake Store offers you a promised data durability of almost 100%.
Optimize costs by scaling storage and computing resources independently. We would be happy to advise you on this.

ML- & ETL-Services

Azure Machine Learning

We create and train adaptive models for business forecasts and AI-based decision-making for you.
Gain additional value through interoperability with other Azure Analytics services.
Constantly adapt your models to your needs by automatically scaling computing resources.
Reduce your costs through resource management and automated shutdown of services.

Data Factory

Connect data from more than 90 different sources.
We transform your data for you with powerful data streams in Azure Synapse Analytics – supported by Data Factory.
Orchestrate, monitor, and manage your data pipeline visually or with proactive notifications.

ML- & ETL-Services

Visualization - BI-Tool

Microsoft Power BI

Use the information obtained from your data profitably for your business decisions.
Power BI offers you hundreds of data visualizations, integrated AI functions, and Excel integration for an optimal connection to your office world.
Your employees will always receive answers to business questions based on the latest information.
The dashboards are available at all times to any employee you wish.