How Ai is revolutionising the way we work

Using AI in companies

Understanding artificial intelligence, utilising its strengths and integrating it into your company

There is no doubt that AI offers enormous potential for the economy to automate tasks, support data analysis and make informed decisions for business success.
Despite this – or precisely because of it – we need to take a differentiated look at the topic of artificial intelligence in order to understand how AI works, what advantages it offers us and what exactly we can expect in the future

Automate repetitive tasks

Only those who understand AI can use it for themselves

Dashlake shows how AI-supported work processes can optimise and simplify our day-to-day work if we learn to use them correctly. These endeavours always focus first and foremost on people, who benefit from the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life. While the AI takes over recurring processes, there is more time for more complex tasks.

Humans monitor the AI and provide it with additional data so that it can continuously improve and further optimise work processes.

With innovative solutions, uncomplicated integration and rapid integration into your company, we are finally making AI solutions usable for small and medium-sized companies too.

The basic principle of AI in the industry

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The successful integration of AI-supported processes into your company is ultimately always about the symbiosis of humans and AI.

AI needs usable data in order to learn from it and deliver results. These in turn optimise the work processes in your company, which benefits your workforce and operating results.

AI is not an opponent, but part of a cycle that we integrate into your company with a clear intention: The continuous optimisation of your work processes and workforce in various areas of your business for maximum added value.


AI is not an opponent but part of the cycle

You don’t have to fear anything in life, you just have to understand everything.

-Marie Curie

Use AI – with any budget

Companlabs brings AI to small and medium-sized enterprises

Thanks to the existing basis in the form of our Dashlake AI core, we also make AI usable for small and medium-sized companies. Proven AI modules enable us to offer our customers fast and flexible solutions. Prefabricated AI modules can be optimally customised and configured to meet the needs of your company.

To make AI integration profitable for small and medium-sized companies, we at CompAn Labs use tried-and-tested libraries and templates to provide you with even the most complex AI solutions as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Use AI and achieve more with CompAn Labs

Insights and outlooks into the potential of artificial intelligence

The results of this comprehensive approach include the creation of more efficient and productive workflows and a lasting change in corporate culture.

Our customers who are already working successfully with CompAn Labs not only experience the immediate benefits of optimised AI implementation, but also lay the foundations for a long-term and forward-looking transformation in their approach to AI technologies.
their approach to AI technologies.

AI consulting by CompAn Labs

We make AI your ally

Dashlake stands out for its impressive ability to translate AI concepts into concrete and measurable results for small, medium and large companies. We accompany you on your way to becoming a future-proof company that knows how to utilise the manifold advantages of AI-supported processes.

By focussing precisely on the needs of our customers, we not only make business processes more efficient, but also initiate a profound change in the way you use AI concepts for your success. In addition to technological implementation, our focus is also on a holistic transformation that includes organisational structures and ways of thinking.


Future-proof with CompAn Labs and Dashlake

Increased efficiency

Use AI to relieve employees and utilise your resources specifically for complex or strategic tasks

Saving time and costs

The automation of repetitive tasks leads to faster results, giving you better and more cost-effective work results

Trend analysis

Make AI your ally to create more precise trend analyses and react proactively to upcoming changes

Decision making

AI analyses large volumes of data in a short space of time, recognises patterns and provides you with important insights for making well-founded decisions.

Manuel Bordasch

My name is Manuel Bordasch. I am the CTO of CompAn Labs and responsible for our algorithms that will support you in your daily work. With this article, I want to replace the mythical aura that surrounds AI these days with realisation. I want to clear away confusion and doubt to make room for sound knowledge and understanding of how AI for business will revolutionise the way you work.

Manuel Bordasch, founder and CTO

Revolutionise your daily work routine

We would be happy to advise you in detail on all the useful functions of our apps in a non-binding initial consultation. Together we will determine which applications can be integrated particularly effectively into your existing processes

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