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    Handschriftliche Konzeptionierung einer Datenstrategie

    Data strategy

    With our data science consulting and AI, we design a data strategy that not only supports your business goals, but actively drives them forward. We help you to create real added value from data with the help of AI.


    Analytics Consulting : Datenanalyse wird programmiert

    Data analysis

    Our analytics consulting provides precise analyses that transform your data into clear insights, promote growth and also give you a competitive advantage.
    By integrating AI, we further optimise this process to ensure even deeper insights and more effective strategies.


    Handschriftliche Konzeptionierung einer Datenstrategie

    Data visualisation

    We make data tangible – with customised visualisations that clearly present complex information and accelerate decision-making in your company.


    Stoppuhr auf Paketen misst die Lieferperformance

    Business process automation

    We offer customised solutions for automating business processes to save time and resources and increase efficiency – from analysis and implementation to continuous optimisation.


    Schulung eines jungen Teams zur Data Analytics Lösung


    Our training courses enable your employees to utilise the full potential of data analytics, resulting in more efficient processes and a stronger data culture.


    Cloud-IT-Support für Kunden von CompAn Labs

    Analytics IT Support

    We guarantee the smooth operation of your analytics tools so that you can concentrate on what really matters: Your business success through data-driven decisions, supported by AI.

    Data Science Consulting:
    Automation, AI model development and analytics expertise

    Automated business processes

    Thanks to our expertise in the field of data science consulting, we have already successfully automated over 30 specific work processes. We help you to save time and increase productivity by developing customised automation solutions for your company.

    Successful concepts for data strategies and AI models

    Our specialisation in data analytics consulting has enabled us to develop already over 25 successful concepts for data strategies and AI models. This number demonstrates our expertise in quickly and effectively delivering customised solutions for a variety of industries and needs.

    Projects on the road to success

    Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of data science consulting and analytics consulting, we provide long-term support for actual more than 15 projects. Our sustainable support and customised solutions stand for continuous success and trusting cooperation.

    Book a free initial consultation

    Discover how our expertise in data science consulting and analytics consulting can help your organisation make data-driven decisions. Our team of specialists in AI model development and implementation are ready to develop customised solutions for your specific challenges.


    These are our most popular services

      Automated data analyses

      Save time and gain valuable insights with our automated analysis of your business data from Microsoft Dynamics BC 365. Use our ready-to-use dashboard templates to visualise your most important key figures on a daily basis and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.


      Automated business management evaluation

      Use our automated data extraction to gain immediate insights into your company’s expenditure. The solution includes the automatic generation of the business analysis (BWA), which replaces the manual completion of Excel spreadsheets. Your BWA can be updated at the touch of a button and provides you with comprehensive insights into key business figures. Automated BWA generation is a powerful tool for rationalising and controlling operational performance indicators, enabling quick and well-founded decisions. Companies benefit from time savings and more efficient data processing


      Business process automation

      Our business process automation optimises your processes, saves time and reduces costs. We analyse your processes, identify automation potential and implement tailor-made solutions to increase your efficiency and reduce your operating costs.


      AI-supported automated invoice receipt workflow

      Optimise your invoice receipt workflow with our AI-based solution. Our expertise in implementing AI models makes it possible to automate and optimise the entire process, increase the accuracy of invoice capture and reduce processing time. Experience how our automated data extraction revolutionises your invoice processing. Every incoming invoice is automatically captured, the relevant data accurately extracted and transferred directly into your accounting system. This minimises manual effort, reduces errors and speeds up the entire invoice processing cycle, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


      AI-supported automatic delivery note processing

      Use our advanced AI solutions to revolutionise your delivery note capture. By integrating AI into the recording processes, we improve accuracy and speed up the workflow in your logistics area, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

      Frequently asked questions

      Does CompAn Labs have its own product that uses AI?

      Yes, with Dashlake, we offer an optimal solution for data analytics. Thanks to the Dashlake AI Core, small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from AI. With ready-made client modules and tried-and-tested libraries, we offer fast and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of business requirements.

      What does business process automation mean at CompAn Labs?
      Our business process automation includes powerful solutions for recording, facilitating work and collaboration. We offer streamlined governance, optimised approval processes, interoperability with Microsoft 365, innovative document automation and data-driven business automation.
      What are the benefits of AI-supported trend analyses?
      AI-supported trend analyses help you to recognise developments at an early stage and develop a strategy for the future. This allows you to take valuable measures to move your company forward.
      How can an AI-supported invoice receipt workflow help me?

      An AI-supported invoice receipt workflow helps you to focus on important issues as it eliminates the need for manual data transfer. This reduces your workload, saves costs and increases efficiency.


      What does the AI-supported invoice receipt workflow involve?

      The AI-supported invoice receipt workflow includes the automatic collection of invoices from emails/share folders, the extraction of relevant information and the transfer of invoices to a document management system as well as the creation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

      How does automated delivery note capture work?

      Automated delivery note capture automatically records delivery information and transfers it directly to your system. This minimises your manual effort, reduces errors and speeds up the entire process.


      What exactly does data science consulting mean and how can it help my company?

      Data science consulting includes consulting in data analytics and AI. We help to identify patterns and trends and use these findings to optimise processes and increase customer satisfaction. Our expertise supports business decisions based on sound data analyses.



      My company has no experience with AI technologies. Is that a problem?

      Not at all. We specialise in offering companies tailor-made solutions with maximum benefit, regardless of their level of technology adaptation.



      Can data analytics help me to reduce my operating costs?

      Absolutely. Data analytics identifies inefficient areas and uncovers potential for optimisation – from warehousing to production. By analysing your operational data, we derive specific recommendations for action to reduce costs and increase your overall efficiency. Automated AI recommendations are based on the analysis results.

      Are my company data safe with you?

      Yes, the security and confidentiality of your data is our top priority. We apply strict security protocols and data protection regulations to ensure that your company data is protected at all times.

      Ready to take the first step?

      At CompAn Labs, we understand that today’s business success is based on intelligent data decisions.
      Whether it’s more efficient processes, deep customer insights or innovative product development, our customised data analytics and AI solutions are the key. We work hand in hand with you to move your business forward in the digital landscape.

      Data Analytics and BI Services for your company

      Advice, ideas, challenges? Transparency from the first second!

      CompAn Labs accompanies your idea from the sketch to lifetime support. We are happy to answer all your questions about data analytics and BI services, data strategies and our holistic concept for future-oriented control, processing and evaluation of your in-house data streams.

      We would be happy to discuss your growth opportunities through strategic data analysis in a personal meeting and provide you with an individual offer.

      For this purpose, contact our competent team free of charge and uncomplicated by phone, e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to your inquiry and your project.


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