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Data-based information and insights are the key to greater efficiency, informed decisions and higher customer satisfaction. The foundation of any data analytics is the right technology. Fit means it enables comprehensive, powerful and scalable data analytics pipelines. Your company’s needs determine which technology is the right fit.

We provide your data analytics pipeline both in the cloud and on-prem. This allows us to address the full range of technical and business conditions. Scalable technologies grow with increasing data volumes and analysis requirements. The result is efficient, reliable analytics that evolves with your business.

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Collect Data

Collect data from all connected sources

The basis for your analysis is comprehensive, up-to-date data. These are regularly read out from a wide variety of sources. Common sources are ERP, CRM or tools for project planning and tracking. Other sources can also be connected. In this way, all the necessary data is available for further processing.

Prepare Data

Cleansing of the raw data

The collected data must first be made usable for further processing. It is ensured that all data are correct. Incorrect or unusable data is sorted out. Furthermore, the data is transformed according to the later analysis. This is because the data must be available in a specific form for each analysis.

Save Data

Storage and provision of data for the analyses

The processed data is stored collectively. In this way, they can be arranged in a coherent scheme. Uniformly managed, the data is optimally available for evaluations and analyses. The central organisation of the data makes it possible to correlate data from different sources in the analyses.

Evaluate Data

Transforming data into value-added information

Individual analyses provide precise answers to your specific questions. Various analysis methods make it possible to reliably answer questions of different kinds. Identify trends and correlations. Or make decisions with the help of predictions and recommendations based on AI.

Provide evaluations

Further use of the analysis results

The calculated results are passed on according to their target intention. Graphically presented information is quickly understandable. Thus, they enable clear communication and quick decisions. The results can trigger further processes or be used for further analyses.

Our data analytics technologies

The foundation for Data Driven Companies


Dashlake is an enterprise platform for networked business data management. Perform any data analyses as SaaS in the cloud or on-prem. Industry-specific analyses as well as apps and dashboards for cost- and time-saving processing of management activities are available to you as turnkey templates. The costs remain transparent and calculable at all times with simultaneous scalability.

Amazon Web Services

With Analytics Services, AWS provides tools and functions in the cloud for processing and analyzing large amounts of data. Gain actionable insights from your data quickly and easily in real time. Extensive capacities allow your company maximum scalability. AWS offers particularly secure protection for sensitive data with special services

Microsoft Azure

Azure Analytics is Microsoft’s comprehensive collection of cloud analytics services. They offer companies the opportunity to get the best out of their data. The basis for a suitable solution can also be found here for special requirements such as machine learning and stream analytics. In conjunction with Microsoft products such as Power BI, Power Automate and Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, seamless integration into your corporate landscape and processes is possible.

Data Analytics and BI Services for your company

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CompAn Labs accompanies your idea from the sketch to lifetime support. We are happy to answer all your questions about data analytics and BI services, data strategies and our holistic concept for future-oriented control, processing and evaluation of your in-house data streams.

We would be happy to discuss your growth opportunities through strategic data analysis in a personal meeting and provide you with an individual offer.

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