Manuel Bordasch
14. June 2023
Networked data management is essential for optimizing your business processes. Effective analysis options, smooth processes and easy integration into your everyday life are the be-all and end-all. Accelerate your digital transformation with the right software. A platform for intelligent data management should include horizontal and vertical business data management Combine team features for streamlined collaboration.
From productivity to delivery performance – Dashlake enables intelligent data management for SMEs in various industries. Our 100% in-house development combines the areas of Data Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Management and Collaboration in one platform.

We adapt our existing templates to your individual requirements – for example, you receive your BWA at the push of a button or central access to your ticket management system as an app.

Release the full potential of your data by connecting disparate systems, tools and teams. Dashlake supports any type of data analysis and enables you to simplify and automate your workflows.

All your benefits at a glance

Fast implementation of desired functionalities as apps by adapting existing templates.

Comprehensive, cross-departmental analyzes through the connection of internal and external data sources.

Ideal prerequisite for optimizing your corporate development and business planning with trend analysis.

Integrated collaboration features simplify collaboration.

Unified role and access management for all dashboards and apps.

Cross-application data management

Dashlake has comprehensive and extensible dashboard management: integrate your custom business dashboards or external dashboards from Microsoft Power BI, Atlassian Jira and Clockify with just a few clicks. All dashboards of day-to-day business are available to you centrally in one application. Save valuable time by not having to constantly switch between different programs to get all the information you want.

How does the Dashlake integration work?

Every company has a unique data structure, individual company structures and specific goals. We take all these factors into account to generate the maximum profit for your company from your data.  

We advise you on the optimal use of your company data through effective data management with Dashlake. To do this, we work with you to develop your individual data analytics solution.

  1. In a workshop we define the short, medium and long-term goals to be achieved. On the other hand, we survey the status quo. Based on this, we design a rough concept as a starting point for further work.
  2. In the concept phase we create a fine specification of the requirements and implementation. Together we define success criteria and plan a timeline.
  3. For the proof of concept, we choose a specific success criterion together with you. For this we develop an exemplary analysis and evaluate it together with you.
  4. We start the development by connecting your data sources. In the second step, we build data architectures and data schemas. This is followed by the implementation of the analysis algorithms. Finally we create the data visualizations.
  5. For go-live, we release your customized Dashlake version in the cloud or install it on-prem at your place. We introduce you to the solution and let you accept it. Finally, we train your employees so that they can exploit the full potential of your new data analytics solution.

What functionality does Dashlake offer?

Increase the efficiency of your business processes through data-based optimization and automation of your data management. Dashlake helps you with this and combines user-friendly elements with useful functionalities:

Integrate your ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central), CRM – (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), DMS or task management tools (Atlassian Jira). Data can also be integrated directly from documents via the connection to Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer . The read data is provided and processed as input for the desired analyzes in your data management. The results of these analyzes are automatically integrated into dashboards, Excel reports, PDF files, workflows and emails or output within the apps.

Extend your individual analyzes with industry-specific analyzes and management functionalities. Thanks to our template portfolio, we can provide you with appropriate apps at short notice. Benefit directly from your company data without going through the entire process of creating a data analytics solution.

Control your business processes based on events, e.g. B. Microsoft Power Automate. Automate regularly recurring work processes to relieve your specialists and save valuable resources. Established routines are executed in the background based on the analysis results from Dashlake, while your employees can take care of other tasks. They also reduce human error and the turnaround time of these processes.

Choose how you want us to bring Dashlake to you. We offer you your own instance in the cloud, at Hetzner, at Amazon Web Services (AWS) or at Microsoft Azure. You can choose between a German data center or a data center in any world zone. Of course, we will also install Dashlake for you locally on your own servers.

Manage access rights for your employees’ dashboards and licenses in a uniform and uncomplicated way. Assign dashboards to dedicated people and control available functionalities via user roles and licenses. The central and uniform administration facilitates handling and enables individual user options for your employees.

Comment directly in the dashboard and share important insights with your colleagues on the spot. Communication and the associated information are thus directly linked. This centralization prevents misunderstandings and facilitates internal cooperation.

Dashlake differentiates between license types Discoverer and Pearl Diver. Pearl Divers can take advantage of numerous management and collaboration features. You create and manage dashboards. Discoverers can see and annotate assigned dashboards and use selected apps.

Conclusion: Fact-based decisions thanks to maximum data analysis

Discover how much value there really is in your data with Dashlake. Maximize the real benefits of your company data and secure valuable competitive advantages. Accelerate your digital transformation, foster collaboration and improve your operational efficiencies. Our flexible and scalable Data Intelligence Platform evolves with your company. So that you are one step ahead of your competition in the future. Contact us today to learn more about Dashlake and our tailored data management for SMBs!